Mario Testino: Photographer/Artist/Icon


 Mario Testino, one of the most famous and world renowned fashion photographers in the world, was born in Lima, Peru on October 30th, 1954. The oldest of his six siblings, born to an Italian father and Irish mother, Testino attended many different universities, such as the University of San Diego before moving permanently to London where he now resides. He has shot pictures of late Princess Diana, along with her sons and other members of the British Royal Family. Also, he has taken stunning pictures of actresses like Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts, models such as Kate Moss and Elizabeth Hurley and also big time performers like Madonna and Janet Jackson. Furthermore, he does many magazine ads and photographs for the well known designs of Burberry, Gucci, Estee Lauder, Micheal Kors, and amazingly enough even Valentino and Versace. I bet you every day is a new adventure for Testino. I would never get bored doing his job 24/7.

Charlize Theron shot by the great Testino.

Charlize Theron shot by the great Testino.

I absolutely adore Charlize Theron, I really do but that’s only half the reason why I chose this picture. In this image, the way Testino captures it makes it seem unreal, almost just like time stopped so a photo could be shot. And also, not that I’m saying Testino isn’t brilliant, but Charlize already has this sort of gracefulness and poise that just comes out in pictures, so it can’t be that hard for him to take an absolutely gorgeous picture of her. It can be the worst lighting ever and she could be wearing a garbage bag yet still look like a million bucks!

the talented Kate Moss

the talented Kate Moss

Personally out of all the work Testino has done, I found this photo to be the most quirky and spectacular of them all. Kate Moss, and most of the world will agree with me when I say that she is absolutely phenomenal, she has worked with everyone who’s anyone in fashion. This photo has to be the first picture I’ve seen of her, where she looks weird with all kinds of paint on her face but yet still manages to pull off the look. I really love it. All the model photos you see these days are all clean and perfect, and I really appreciate the fact that she and Mario Testino had to courage to work together and make this picture stand out from all the rest !

His work is absolutely fantastic ! I think every photographer has their own style and photograph how they feel comfortable and Testino has definitely found his own creative bubble. His photos are not the hardest to take in the world, they’re not the most complicated but they always have this sort of serenity and beauty to them that just makes people adore him and his work.

Testino’s work is different from other photographers because others are always trying to overdo their shots and therefore they’re photos are to confusing, there’s too many things going on in the same shot. And also, if a photographer, say Annie Leibovitz who is known for her weird and crazy photos would take a “normal” picture, it wouldn’t flow with her regular style. But Mario Testino is universal, he takes weird pictures, calm, beautiful ones, quirky ones, all different kinds of pictures and he’s great in that way. I love that he has a broad range of photographs that are absolutely stellar and in totally different genres of photography.

Mario Testino has had a huge impact on the fashion world, and on famous people. He has photographed so many stars and celebrities, and done ads for so many designers that he is notorious around the world. He becomes more and more famous everyday because the media. Articles published about his work, and magazine covers of stars of which he photographed. He worked for Vogue, Vanity Fair and W magazine, all high power fashion bibles ! All that media just helps build his career and his reputation as a brilliant photographer. Although, who we kidding, these days any type of media, good or bad only makes you more famous, doesn’t it ?


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