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Shaun of the Dead Review


Along Came Polly Review

The Dark Knight Review

There’s one word that can be used to described The Dark Knight, and that is ” unforgettable! ” This movie was so thrilling it surpassed even my wildest expectations. First and foremost, I knew Heath Ledger was going to stun us all with his performance but I wasn’t expecting to be totally blown away. He was like a whole new person, he really devoted his whole self to the character and it was so believable. He’s so amazing that to me, Batman feels like a secondary character.

Also, throughout the movie there is never a dull moment. With the exceptional script and outstanding directing all through the movie, it was honestly a mindblowing blockbuster. Unlike all the other batman films that were also great but have no comparison, The Dark Knight demonstrates a magnificently told and wonderfully shot comic book movie which in my eyes, is ranked in the top movies of the year or maybe even in the last ten years.

Criterion E: Evaluate

My portfolio is finally complete. The last step of this project is to evaluate what i have done and see what I should have spent more time on. The most important part of the evaluation process is to see what you might have overlooked and improve for the next project. No one does anything perfect, the most important thing is to learn from what you’ve done. The following are questions i established at the beginning of my project in the Investigate aspect of my portfolio.

1. I will test if the CD is compatible by putting it into the disk drive and then try the disk drives of my peers to see if it’s compatible no matter what type of computer.

2. Once the CD is in the disc drive I will begin to open the “portfolio”and see if it opens on the computer.

3. I will test if it is portable by bringing it with me in my bag wherever I may go and see if anything happens, in it’s case of course.

4. I will also test if it is durable by trying to bend a blank CD.

With the modern technology we have these days, cd-roms or USB’s are compatible with any computer. Also, with most art gallery owners and buyers they have the best computers/laptops money can buy the problem is just if they have InDesign program. The CD aspect wasn’t working for me at this point so i tested out my USB key on my computer at home and my portfolio opened, thankfully. This lead me to understand that even if i didnt have the program, my portfolio was still successfully opened.

Also, i carried my cd case with the usb inside it with me to school and left it in my bag all day. At the end of the day, it looked just like it did that same morning.

Lastly, I had already tried to break my cd and believe me it took a lot of force to finally get it to break. It will only break if its deliberate, but it wont break accidentally if you carry it around. Later, i also tried this with my USB key and unless you stomp on it or run it over with your car, it should be okay.

When all is said and done, i believe that my portfolio is better than those used today. Some people like the classic look of a big black briefcase/portfolio but with the use of technology these days, it would not only be easier to use this technique for the artist but also for the person observing the portfolio in question. With the technique i used its not only much easier to transport but you can make copies and hand them out to whoever, whereas with the other techniques you might only have one or two and you can diversify your clientele.

The plan I produced from the beginning needed some definite changes by the end of the portfolio creation. Various modifications and changes were done because sure you can plan what you want to do, but nothing ever goes as smoothly as you would like it too. so there were some unforseen changes but nothing too major. The name of my clothing line changed to Dollface along with my approach which was also modified from a cd to a USB key.

When i first started off i was still new to this topic and exactly what i was going to do, so i didnt know exactly how all my plans were going to work out.  Overall, everything went pretty well. I’m very satisfied with my work and the look of my portfolio. If i had to do it all over again, i would definitely change some aspects of my layout and also give myself some more time to deal with any problems that could come up unexpectedly. That was really my biggest problem, not having enough time. I now know for anything else that I have to do in the future, always plan enough time in case things dont go exactly the way you had planned.

I’ve learned from not only this project, but from the previous one that its very important to plan and investigate everything a significant amount of time in advance so that you know exactly what your doing and how to do it.

Week of April 20th

There have been a couple of design modifications due to unfortunate circumstances that occurred throughout the final weeks of my creation.

My cd cover layout was designed and ready to go but when i uploaded my portfolio to my Cd-ROM it wasnt compatible. It was a big disaster at this point because I hadnt planned enough of “incase this doesnt workout” time. Thankfully even though i couldnt upload it to a CD-ROM i still kept it on a USB and slid the USB into my CD Cover Case. If i had planned this all out perfectly i would have had enough time to actually upload it to a CD and everything would be perfect but as long as the portfolio works, it’s all good.

12 year old sues dad and wins the case.

12 year old sues father for not letting her go on her trip after she neglected her father’s rules. When I first heard about this crazy situation, I couldn’t believe someone could actually do something like that. I think it’s unfair because becoming a parent has its own set of decisions and responsibilities that come along with it and because it’s your child you’re given the right to raise him or her however you would like to. No one should be allowed to take away that right and undermine your authority as the child’s father. He specifically told his daughter, after finding out she would display inappropriate photos of her on her Facebook page, to not go on Facebook. And if she wouldn’t listen to him and still go on, well then there were going to be some consequences. After everything that has been going on through cyberspace it can’t be trusted, especially when the girl is being inappropriate where the whole world is one click away. Therefore I agree one hundred percent with the father and his decision but it’s unfair that he has an ex-wife that would rather see him suffer then join him in raising their child. No matter how mad I could ever be at my dad, I could never go behind his back and do that to him. We have parents so that they can teach us right from wrong and shape us into happy and successful individuals. If we all did as this girl did whenever we didn’t get our way, what would our world be? I find it to be incredibly ridiculous that the court gets to have a say in how this young girl should be raised. I can definitely understand if any kind of horrible parenting or abuse involved in the situation but I find it hard to believe that the judges and lawyers in our country have nothing better to do than take on these silly cases when there’s murderers, rapists and sexual offenders wandering around. I’m sure a lot of parents are thinking how ridiculous this whole thing is while teens are thinking “Wow, I can actually sue my parents, I didn’t know that!” but shit happens. You got to just take it as it comes and if you fall, like this man did, you just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep on going.

Creation Phase: Week of March 30th

This week I already had the base layout for my project done from last week, so i had something to start from. From my layout I continued to do the links that connected to new pages like about the designer, creations and contact us. I used photoshop in order to do this and then transferred it over to my working portfolio on InDesign. The pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together in regards to the portfolio. The links are all connected but the pages to which those links lead to are blank so that is the next step I’m going to do.


Design Modification: I have modified the name of my clothing line from m&m designs to dollface designs. I liked dollface better since it was more unique than m&m and when someone would say “oh well what are you wearing”, it would be more suitable to say “dollface” than say m&m. 🙂