12 year old sues dad and wins the case.

12 year old sues father for not letting her go on her trip after she neglected her father’s rules. When I first heard about this crazy situation, I couldn’t believe someone could actually do something like that. I think it’s unfair because becoming a parent has its own set of decisions and responsibilities that come along with it and because it’s your child you’re given the right to raise him or her however you would like to. No one should be allowed to take away that right and undermine your authority as the child’s father. He specifically told his daughter, after finding out she would display inappropriate photos of her on her Facebook page, to not go on Facebook. And if she wouldn’t listen to him and still go on, well then there were going to be some consequences. After everything that has been going on through cyberspace it can’t be trusted, especially when the girl is being inappropriate where the whole world is one click away. Therefore I agree one hundred percent with the father and his decision but it’s unfair that he has an ex-wife that would rather see him suffer then join him in raising their child. No matter how mad I could ever be at my dad, I could never go behind his back and do that to him. We have parents so that they can teach us right from wrong and shape us into happy and successful individuals. If we all did as this girl did whenever we didn’t get our way, what would our world be? I find it to be incredibly ridiculous that the court gets to have a say in how this young girl should be raised. I can definitely understand if any kind of horrible parenting or abuse involved in the situation but I find it hard to believe that the judges and lawyers in our country have nothing better to do than take on these silly cases when there’s murderers, rapists and sexual offenders wandering around. I’m sure a lot of parents are thinking how ridiculous this whole thing is while teens are thinking “Wow, I can actually sue my parents, I didn’t know that!” but shit happens. You got to just take it as it comes and if you fall, like this man did, you just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep on going.


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