Creation Phase: Week of March 30th

This week I already had the base layout for my project done from last week, so i had something to start from. From my layout I continued to do the links that connected to new pages like about the designer, creations and contact us. I used photoshop in order to do this and then transferred it over to my working portfolio on InDesign. The pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together in regards to the portfolio. The links are all connected but the pages to which those links lead to are blank so that is the next step I’m going to do.


Design Modification: I have modified the name of my clothing line from m&m designs to dollface designs. I liked dollface better since it was more unique than m&m and when someone would say “oh well what are you wearing”, it would be more suitable to say “dollface” than say m&m. 🙂


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