The Dark Knight Review

There’s one word that can be used to described The Dark Knight, and that is ” unforgettable! ” This movie was so thrilling it surpassed even my wildest expectations. First and foremost, I knew Heath Ledger was going to stun us all with his performance but I wasn’t expecting to be totally blown away. He was like a whole new person, he really devoted his whole self to the character and it was so believable. He’s so amazing that to me, Batman feels like a secondary character.

Also, throughout the movie there is never a dull moment. With the exceptional script and outstanding directing all through the movie, it was honestly a mindblowing blockbuster. Unlike all the other batman films that were also great but have no comparison, The Dark Knight demonstrates a magnificently told and wonderfully shot comic book movie which in my eyes, is ranked in the top movies of the year or maybe even in the last ten years.


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