Creation Phase: March 23-29

This is the beginning stages of the creation phase of our portfolios. I’m just starting to familiarize myself with the programs that are at my disposal and playing around with the different features that will make my project intriguing. I have gone to recoup this week and with the help of Mr. Penning completed the starting layout of my webpage portfolio. I’m really proud of it and am amazed at the progress I have done so far.  I chose a cool background for my layout and on the front placed 3 of my favorite designs along with a big title in cursive, M&M designs. I have to design the layout so that it is appealing and eye-catching because there’s nothing worse then a boring portfolio.


Creation: March 30th to April 5th

I went to recoup twice this week in order for me to work on my project adequately. I worked on the links from my webpage and made sure that they led to the right page. I also came up with clever titles for those pages and started working on my biography that i would also slip in to my portfolio. My biography isn’t going to be too long or too short, just right so people won’t get lost in my life story.

Does technology make students to be lazy?

As students we seem to believe that because we have this amazing technology, that our lives are easier and therefore we take it easy and get lazy. I couldn’t agree more. We’ve gotten used to this technology playing a huge part in our lives that we just simply can’t imagine our lives without it. What would we do !? We can’t even imagine writing an essay out on a piece of paper anymore because we have our high speed computers staring us right in the face.

With our new modern technology we’re able to do everything in the confines of our own homes. Shop online, pay our bills online, order anything we could possibly ever need, it’s all available to us with a simple click of a button. Everyone’s getting dependent and too used to the fact that technology is handing everything to us on a silver platter and we’re able to save so much of our time that we can’t see ourselves living our lives any other way.

Technology is such a broad topic, so many other aspects are included such as video games, music, TV & cellphones. We think to ourselves now, sure we could live without these things, life wouldn’t be that hard, well think again!  We depend on these things, they’re almost considered necessary for survival in this day and age. And because we have all these wonderful inventions at our disposal, we’ve let ourselves become lazy and procrastinate !

Pepsi Max Suicidal Calorie Ad

Every day, without a doubt, there’s something new that will cause controversy in our lives. Today, it’s the new ad for Pepsi’s One Calorie Soft Drink, instead of having zero calories, it has one. One very very lonely calorie they like to call it in their ads and along with that slogan is what appears to be a calorie trying to commit suicide in more ways than one, for example attached to a ticking time bomb or with his head through a noose ready to step off the stool its standing on. As if there aren’t enough problems of people committing suicide these days, Pepsi had to throw this one out there too. It has only been distributed in Europe, not in Canada but nevertheless, no one could have come up with something brighter than that. They’re making fun of the fact that this calorie is so lonely it wants to kill itself, when there are lonely people out there who have nothing going for them in their lives who feel the same way. I can understand it was supposed to be a joke but I’m sure some people take it offensively. They’re thinking by really putting it out there, this calorie is so lonely, it’s all by itself, it wants to shoot itself it’s so lonely that people are going to somehow realize “Wow, I have to get this, one single calorie”, well think again. Pepsi doesn’t seem to understand the consequences that could simply arise from this violent advertisement and they don’t seem to care either. I simply don’t see the humor or the point in having this, maybe people in Europe see it differently but if it were distributed here, we wouldn’t take it so lightly.

Creation March 16-22

Throughout this week, Mr.Penning has discussed the possible programs I might want to use in order to fulfill the specifications of my project. He also introduced a website, where we can search for each program and it tells you all the cool and interesting things you can do with it.

Design Modification

While investigating different approaches to be used as an artist’s portfolio, I forgot a really good one. A webpage although not a webpage connected to the internet, would have the layout of a website on a c.d-rom. I’m a big fan of this approach and would therefore like to modify my portfolio because I’m considering not doing slideshow anymore, a webpage meets the design specifications and allows me the opportunity to design the layout without limitations.

Artist’s Statement

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” Coco Chanel, one of the greatest aspiring designers of our time said this and I agree with her completely. With this collection it’s really a variety of extraordinary and eclectic designs blended together to make this season’s portfolio absolutely fabulous and unforgettable. My designs can’t simply be described with one adjective, one word or one sentence because there are such a variety of different items of clothing. The colors are really out there and very vibrant but that’s the only way I’ll demonstrate my designs because you can’t have a portfolio of your work if it doesn’t represent you and only you. Many things in my life and people as well, have inspired me with some of the pieces featured in M&M Designs, and without inspiration where would we all be, our lives would have no spark, no flair ! It’s important to me that my designs are represented beautifully throughout my portfolio and I truly hope that, even though the designs may not be of your taste, you will still find them fun & appealing !

Criterion C: Plan The Product

In order for your project to be successful, it’s very important to plan each day and what aspect of the portfolio you are going to accomplish in that time. It’s hard because sometimes things can go wrong and your plan has to then be altered.

March 9th, 2009 – First day back from Spring break and we have already investigated about the artist portfolio and what it entails. Also, we have generated quite a few feasible designs for what our portfolio is going to look like inside and out. This can be found on this very blog.

March 11th, 2009 – We now have to write an artist’s statement but it’s hard to write something about which you don’t know so first things first. I have to research information about what an artist’s statement is.

March 13th, 2009 – In class, we will write out our artist’s statement. We have to clarify the tone and the theme of our portfolios. I think it will be quite a challenge because i’ve never done it before but it’ll interesting to learn new things.

March 17th, 2009 – Mr. Penning has to teach us how to use certain programs so it’ll be easier for us when we have to use the program to design our projects. Photoshop and InDesign are two programs of which we already know. By today i have to have started my portfolio so I don’t get behind in the creating aspect of the project, the most important part. On this class, I am going to work on the layout of my portfolio, as in when you pop in the c.d. what is the first thing you see !

March 20th, 2009- Hopefully last class went well and I finished my layout for my portfolio. This class I will have to write my biography because I will include that in my portfolio.

March 24th, 2009 – I should have all my clothing designs ready for scanning by March 24th, so on this day I can place them all in my c.d/portfolio and just focus on the c.d and c.d cover for the classes to come. 

March 26th, 2009 – this class will be spent finishing up anything left to be done on my layout, nothing major hopefully. In Design and Photoshop will be used a lot in order for me to finish my whole layout.

March 31st, 2009 – Today, I will start putting together the pictures that I’m going to use for my c.d and have that done for this class and then start working on my c.d cover this class as well.

April 6th, 2009- This is the time where any last minute touch-ups will be made. Also, the music for my portfolio will be included today. I will save them to a USB and upload them to the computer at school. My layout will be completely and totally done. My c.d cover should be done today as well and i should be able to print it out and put it into the case. My c.d as well needs to be done so that next class when I need to hand it in, everything will be fabulous and ready to go!

April 8th, 2009- Our portfolios are due today ! If all the planning I have done is accurate and nothing unexpected occurs and ruins my plans, my project will be perfect and ready to hand in today! If any minor aspects need to be fixed I will just touch them up today and that’s it ! 🙂

I am planning on following my plan to the letter and if anything should go wrong or if i didn’t plan enough time for something, I won’t let it ruin my plan, I’ll simply go to recoup after school one day and catch up on my work. Also, I will make sure that I don’t waste my class time because we don’t have that many days left and one class spent doing nothing would set everything back. My drawings that are going to be in the portfolio are already drawn and ready for scanning so I’m not worried about them. I can’t afford to even miss one class because time is precious at this point and it’s really important that I finish this portfolio.